The shop itself is 22,000 square feet; it is a pre-engineered building housing a fully equipped machine shop, welding, fabrication, metal shop and steel blasting and painting facilities and a carpenter shop. Welding arid fitting area, this is where fabrication begins. Pieces are fitted and tacked together. Welding, sandblasting, and painting area. Bringing project to final phase ensuring quality for our valued customers. Estimating and detailing area. Success to all projects begins with initial tendering of project. Capabilities of detailing projects from within ensure a quality, on time and within budget project. Skilled trade’s people in Manufacturing Division ensure that sections of stack replacement will fit as designed. Ensuring installation by Field Division will be complete on time based on a tight shutdown schedule.

What we do

Sandblast Room

SandBlast Shop: A high-velocity system that uses steel grit to clean surfaces, before they go out for painting.

Paint Shop

Paintshop: We have a high standard when it comes to our final touch. With the last process of fabrication we make sure out commitment stands alone with the proper paint job.

Machine Shop

Machineshop: We are fully equipped to provide any client with a Machine Shop to customize any piece of raw material.