Alfie Norkum – Founder of Gorf Contracting Limited

He was a life long resident of the Timmins region. Alfie spent countless hours maintaining a well earned living for himself to provide for his family of 9 children. His career spanned over 50 years in the construction business throughout the area. A major supporter of the residence around the community, Alfie also dedicated his passion in supporting by serving on the local hospital boards. Not only has he supported but he has also been very influential in the construction of the Timmins and District Hospital, along with Spruce Hill Lodge, St. Alphonses Church and many other renovations.

The Man In the Picture:  Here at Gorf Manufacturing/Contracting Limited we are blessed to have had such a wonder and successful man produce such an existing company. Gorf has been known to be an extremely family oriented company because of this man. He truly bleed the Gorf blue and white and made sure that everybody was happy.