Sampling Towers

Comaplex Mineral Corporation – J#08-008

Work Description: 3 Stage Sample Tower – Gorf designed and patented a 30 foot tall by 10 foot wide/deep sample tower system. The sample tower includes a 80 foot long feed conveyor, 3 stage sample system, a 15 horse power crusher system, and a 20 foot reject conveyor. The sample tower can be modified to customer specifications.

Picture 024 Picture 023 0008-08 Sample Tower 001

Armistice Resources Corp. – J#08-267

Work Description: Linear Sampler – Gorf constructed a single stage cutter with approximate dimensions of 8 feet high by 8 feet wide by 12 feet long. All wiring was done at Gorf’s shop. Sampler was modified to customer specifications.

Armistice Sampler 010 Armistice Sampler 005 Armistice Sampler 015